Javier Ferri

Javier Ferri Carreres

Javier Ferri Carreres
Catedrático de Universidad (CU)

Email: francisco.ferri@uv.es
Phone: (+34) 9638 28695
Office: 3P05B
Web (URL)          CV (PDF)

Relevant Publications

• Andrés, J., Boscá, J. E., Ferri J. and Fuentes, C. (2022): “Household’s Balance Sheets and the Effect of Fiscal Policy”, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 54(4), 737-778.

• Beneito, P., Boscá, J. E., Ferri, J. and M. García (2021): “Gender Imbalance across Subfields in Economics: When Does It Start?”, Journal of Human Capital, 15(3), 469-511.

• Boscá, J. E., Doménech R., Ferri J., Méndez, R. and Rubio-Ramírez, J. (2020): “Financial and Fiscal Shocks in the Great Recession and Recovery of the Spanish Economy”, European Economic Review, Vol. 127, August.

Beneito, P., Boscá, J. E. and Ferri J. (2018): “Tuition Fees and Student Effort at University”, Economics of Education Review, 64, 114-128.

Andrés, J.; Boscá, J. E. and J. Ferri (2015): ‘“Household Debt and Fiscal Multipliers”, Economica, 82, 1048–1081.

Research Projects

• “Recovery, growth and welfare in Europe: structural changes and challenges for fiscal, monetary and macroprudential policies”, Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (PID2020-116242RB-I00), 2021-2023 (+info)

• “From the financial crisis to the digital revolution”, Grupo de Investigación de Excelencia, Generalitat Valenciana (PROMETEO/2020/083), 2020-2023 (+info)

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