From the financial crisis to the digital revolution

Consellería Innovació, Universitats, Ciencia i Societat Digital

From the financial crisis to the digital revolution

(PROMETEO 2020/83)

Javier Andrés Domingo
(Universitat de València, IEI)



This project results from combining the research interests of two consolidated groups with extensive experience. We use rigorous empirical analysis, both with recent data and a broader historical perspective, with the evaluation through macroeconomic models of a more theoretical nature of two phenomena that are coinciding in time, and whose effects can feed each other. On the one hand, the economic situation faced by many countries still recovering from the financial crisis, with its aftermath of imbalances, such as public and private debt and unemployment, and, on the other, the prospect of a wave of innovations encompassing the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution (AI, digital change, internet-of-things or big data, among others) whose disruptive nature seems more intense, fast and uncertain than in past industrial revolutions. The aims of the project and its interdisciplinary nature can represent a new and very fruitful collaborative experience between researchers who, working with different methodological approaches, nonetheless share an interest in carefully analyzing the existing evidence and its interpretation in the light of economic theory.

Research team

Javier Andrés Domingo (Universitat de València, IEI)
Concha Betrán Pérez
José E. Boscá Mares (Universitat de València, IEI)
Salvador Calatayud Giner
Amparo Castelló Climent (Universitat de València, IEI)
Antonio Cubel Montesinos
Antonio Cutanda Tarín (Universitat de València)
Joaquim Cuevas Casaña
Alfonso Díez Minguela
Rafael Domenech Vilariño (Universitat de València, IEI)
Javier Ferri Carreres (Universitat de València, IEI)
Samuel Garrido Herrero (Universitat Jaume I)
Julio Martínez Galarraga
Francisco J. Medina Albaladejo
M. José Murgui García (Universitat de València)
M. Ángeles Pons Brias
M. Teresa Sanchis Llopis
Daniel A. Tirado Fabregat

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